Aileen Weintraub is an award-winning author and editor. She has twenty years’ experience in the publishing industry and has written more than fifty books for children and young adults with companies including Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, and Sterling. Her book, Never Too Young: 50 Unstoppable Kids Who Made a Difference, won a 2018 Parents’ Choice Award. She has also written numerous essays and articles for Huff Post Personal, Glamour, Scary Mommy, the Manifest-Station, Kveller, and other publications. Her essay “This Is What No One Tells Women About What Happens to Your Body in Your 40s,” in Huff Post garnered over 2 million hits and was discussed on The View.

Her latest project is a comedic memoir about her experience as a Brooklyn girl who moves to the country, gets married, and finds herself living in a rickety farmhouse, knocked up, and faced with the prospect of bed rest. What ensues is a laugh-out-loud, emotionally charged story of one woman’s unexpected path to authenticity.

Aileen lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her family and their dog, whom they refer to as the Count of Monte Cristo.

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